At Brian’s funeral, his friends announced an annual fund to memorialize Brian. Each year, a $2,500 one time scholarship will be awarded to a student entering a Kansas City Catholic high school.

We have partnered with the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation to administer the Brian’s Fund scholarship. Below outlines the steps to apply for the scholarship.

Step 1 – Check Eligibility

Brian’s Fund Scholarship will be awarded to an eighth grader who has been accepted at one of the following Kansas City Catholic high schools: Bishop Ward, Miege High School, Notre Dame De Sion, Rockhurst High School, St. James Academy, St. Michael the Archangel, St. Teresa’s Academy,  St. Pius X or St Thomas Aquinas.

Step 2 – Think about these questions

Once you go to the GKCCF page, you will fill out a form, which will include demographic information and the following questions. Only the questions below will be considered in the selection process, the rest of the information is required by GKCCF.

    1. Tell us about yourself five years from now.

    2. Tell us how your life may be different from the answer to the previous question if you were to try drugs?

    3. In high school and beyond, how do you plan to never experiment with drugs? What specific strategies will you use?

    4. What will you do if someone offers you drugs? How will you respond? (Be specific).  

    5. How will you use your faith or spirituality to help you never experiment with drugs?  

    6. How will you be a leader among your friends to help them never experiment with drugs?  

Step 3 – Fill out the form.  

You will apply from GKCCF’s website.

Step 4 – Notification – Recipients will be notified by 5/1/2019.